As a medical professional, it is clear where your priorities lie. With the well being of the patient or client, of course. Regardless of your exact area of expertise (such as surgery, neurology, psychology or pathology): you want to spend as much time as possible actually helping people. Because we want to help and completely unburden you, we have language experts and assistants who know the medical field inside and out. They know the jargon and can take care of all the side jobs with ease.

Hands free and a clear mind with mobile dictation

Emma’s Mobile Dictation app makes writing reports, consultations and daily communication a lot easier. You simply record your text – whatever it is – and within seconds it is sent to Emma Handson, securely and encrypted. Our specialists immediately get to work and before you know it, you have a completed version that is, of course, flawlessly written, including all the medical terms.

An extra check

Sometimes, reports can be somewhat difficult to dictate, or perhaps you use speech recognition. In that case, having a language professional review it will give you peace of mind. We can help you with that too! We check your text for spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency and with a keen eye for your specific jargon. That way, you can be sure that your text will not only stand out in terms of content, but also linguistically. Also consider having your annual report edited!

Well organised

At Emma, we offer many forms of management support. Whether you want to be supported by a skilled business assistant or personal assistant (BA & PA) or are looking for a project management support officer (PMO) who knows the ins and outs of the medical world, for example, to temporarily assist you in setting up a crisis team, Emma has the answer. On location or remotely, flexible working arrangements and always with a smile.

In black and white

We do not shy away from taking minutes for complaints committee meetings or PhD research, for example. Having a minutes secretary is not only practical, but also extremely useful. Our minutes secretaries will provide you with a clear, professional report that is, of course, grammatically and contextually flawless. We can also provide minutes in several languages if needed. In any case, we speak the language of the medical world. That way, every stakeholder knows exactly what has been discussed and agreed upon. In black and white, and that is what counts.

Who is it for?

From Emma Handson’s range of services, the following are particularly useful for the medical & diagnostics sector:

  • Occupational health experts
  • Doctors
  • Behavioural health professionals
  • Internal medicine specialists
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Medical sector managers
  • Medical consultants
  • Pathologists
  • Educators
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Claim experts
  • Therapists
  • Nurses

For what?

  • Personal assistant
    • (Complex) agenda management
    • Invoicing
    • Coordinating activities
    • Data analysis
    • Answering the telephone
  • Mobile dictation
    • Medical advice
    • Observation and examination reports
    • OK reports
  • Minutes
    • Crisis teams
    • Complaints committees
    • Medical consultations
    • Research meetings
  • Editing
    • Editing

Interested in what we can do for you?