Whether you are running a start-up, working for a large company that is going through a transition or a company that has grown enormously, one thing is certain: change often demands a lot from you and your colleagues. And sometimes, you don’t always have enough staff available to help guide your organisation through this.

A business assistant & service support is our solution for adapting quickly, scaling up and guaranteeing continuity. Whether it is customer service, front or back office support or the internal service desk: we fill in the (temporary) gaps, help you overcome obstacles and ensure that your business contacts do not miss out on anything.


Focus on content

Our Emmas are known for their ability to master (new) material extremely quickly. This makes our business & service support staff ideal for business related work. Whether it means reviewing offers, supporting a new digital platform, informing and discussing insurance needs – we do it all!

For start ups

For many start-ups, the amount of time and energy needed to set up a good support department comes as a surprise. These days, questions, complaints and feedback come through various channels, and the customer expects a prompt reply.

A common business & service support solution for start-ups is to set up and staff a fully operational support department. As the start-up settles into calmer waters, you may decide to ensure continuity by continuing to outsource the work to Emma Handson. But, of course we understand if you want to set up your own support department afterwards. Where necessary, we will guide you to ensure a smooth transition. If you encounter staffing challenges later on, we will be happy to help. In this way you and your company will be able to support your customers perfectly from day one, without having to worry about it too much.

For the established organisation

Even when a company has existed for some time, business & service support can bring a lot of added value. Internal changes, product launches, growth or downsizing are all reasons for a sudden need for extra support.

We can respond very accurately and specifically where needed. With manpower, knowledge and expertise, we ensure that challenges – whatever they may be – are overcome smoothly and in a controlled manner.

Remotely or on location

Many tasks can be done remotely. In this case, your business assistant can be reached with just one phone call, e-mail or video call and will get to work for you right away. This is practical and cost effective – you only pay for the time your assistant actually spends working for you.

There are also situations in which it is more convenient to have your assistant on site. That is not a problem either. We are flexible and are happy to tailor our services to your personal wishes.

Permanent and reliable

Of course, it is important that your personal assistant understands what you mean, how you want things done and which matters take priority. That is why we work with permanent assistants who really get to know you, your environment and your company.

In this way you build a very practical and reliable relationship. And, before you know it, you have your hands free again.

Like a chameleon

If you wish, our assistants can really become a part of your company. On paper they may work at Emma Handson, but otherwise they are completely connected to you. They know your industry, your company and, if you want, even all of your colleagues.

This ensures that, in many cases, just half a word (or technical abbreviation) is enough for your business assistant to get started.

Rates for hiring a business assistant

The fee for hiring a business assistant depends on several factors. The best way for us to help you – and to give you a clear insight into the costs – is to get in touch with us. You can contact us by calling 073 747 00 54 or completing our contact form. We will get to work for you right away!

Interested in what we can do for you?