Reachability is one of the most valued aspects of friendly customer service. However, it is not always given enough attention. Simply answering the phone (or a WhatsApp message) often makes the difference between a satisfied customer or… no customer at all. A good telephone service is key!

Flexible and customized

Our telephone service is extremely flexible. We ensure that your business contacts are addressed in a friendly manner and are provided with good information when you are unable to answer the phone. This can be done based on a fixed schedule, but also on demand.

We also ensure good follow up. You can easily see who has called, what the call was about and what agreements were made. You can then follow up whenever it suits you.

To make it even easier, we can record incoming calls any way you want. For example, in your CRM system, an Excel sheet or simply in an e mail.


Our telephone service is distinguished by our ability to respond to incoming calls in a truly professional manner. Because we are familiar with many different sectors and are fast to pick up on new things, we quickly get to know your organisation. This makes us more than a human answering machine: we are a valuable extension of your company.

We are invisible to the caller. As far as they are concerned they are being addressed directly by your company. And that is exactly what you want! Contact us for more information on the possibilities. We are happy to help!

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