There are an endless number of reasons for translating spoken messages into written text. For on the go dictations we offer an ideal solution with our Mobile Dictation service.

Even if you have already made a recording, we are happy to help you by making a transcript of your recording. Think of interviews, discussions, evaluation interviews, (market) research, sounding board discussions, assessment interviews, video recordings, council meetings or legal recordings. These can be current recordings, but also recordings from 3 months – or 6 years – ago.

Perfectly archived

Spoken and written records both have their own advantages. But one thing is certain: written text is the ideal way to store information – especially digitally.

By converting spoken messages into written text with the help of transcripts, your documents can be easily archived and organised. This means that your documents can be found quickly and efficiently. In addition, written texts can be screened quickly, making it easy to conduct analysis.

Secure and efficient

Safety and discretion play such a central role at Emma Handson that it feels almost redundant to mention them. At the same time, because it is so important that information of any nature is handled responsibly, we have to mention it anyway.

All information is exchanged via encrypted connections, and all of our Emmas strictly adhere to our internal protocols to guarantee security.

For specialists in every field

Anyone with important (video) recordings that need to be archived or components that need to be easily searchable, can benefit enormously by having existing material converted into written text. Whether it is a current recording or an old one.

So, whether you are a lawyer, medical professional, a molecular biologist or business manager – once the text has been worked out, you can use it where needed.

Interested in what we can do for you?