Is it fun to be a minutes secretary? Absolutely!

24 May

Emma Handson employs many highly qualified minutes secretaries. Anne Sophie is one of them. She loves to debunk the misconceptions about her profession. “Do you have a new job? What is it?” I’ve been asked this question many times since I started working at Emma Handson a few months ago. By now, I already know the reaction I will get when I tell someone what I do: surprise and a somewhat confused look, usually followed by a few preconceptions. It is about time to put an end to these misconceptions once and for all!

Misconception 1: a bit boring and not very challenging

Yes, it is, especially if you work at Emma Handson! You get a behind-the-scenes look into various sectors, including pension funds, real estate companies, financial institutions, lawyer and notary offices and the medical sector. A good knowledge of the industry is a must. And, because every sector is different, you continually challenge yourself and specialise. Sure, if you do not like writing and language puzzles, then taking minutes might be boring. But, knowing how to turn a complicated agenda item into a clear and readable report gives me a lot of joy every time!

Misconception 2: you can’t fill an entire day with taking notes

Many people have the idea that taking minutes is a side job and that the person doing it has drawn the short straw. Luckily, our clients see it differently! The minutes of their organisation are essential reference work and are regularly referred to, sometimes even years later. Thus, good minutes are of great importance to their work. They expect high quality and error free minutes. Therefore, taking minutes is not just about typing along or putting actions on paper, but ensuring that you fully record what has been discussed in detail. A good minutes secretary listens, understands, extracts the essence of a story and, most importantly, knows how to capture this in a report. We deliver that quality. And yes, that takes time!

Misconception 3: all that working from home means that you don’t get to bond with the organisation

It’s true that we usually work out minutes from home. So, you do not get to meet with your colleagues every day at the coffee machine. Yet, I have never felt as much a part of an organisation as I do now. From a close knit team that welcomes you with open arms, to pub quizzes and Cluedo nights and a personal Christmas carol at your front door: Emma Handson is a welcoming environment. This way of working also has many advantages. For the most part, I can decide myself when I work. This means I can combine my job perfectly with my private life. As long as I keep an eye on the planning and deadlines, I’m extremely flexible.

So, yes! Taking minutes at Emma Handson is fun. And even better: we are looking for colleagues! Would you like to learn more about the position? Take a look at our vacancies or give us a call. Already convinced? You can also apply directly to become a minutes secretary!

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