FAQ about our transcribers and editors

21 June

Text is a big part of our daily lives. You send emails and letters to clients and colleagues and your work may require you to, for example, write reports and make recordings of appointments. You will save a lot of time and avoid mistakes if you dictate these texts and have them transcribed by a specialised typist or edited by a professional editor . We answer the most frequently asked questions below.

What kind of dictations do the typists transcribe?

Our typists have experience in various industries. Thanks to their college or university academic background, they quickly master new subjects. Our typists transcribe all kinds of dictations: medical reports and advice, personal injury and occupational health expert reports, but also reports of, for example, appointments or consultations, to do lists, letters and emails. We are also happy to draft more specialised texts, such as patents, for you. All texts can be formatted in your house style. We also take into account any other wishes you may have.

I want to have a text edited. What do the editors do?

Of course, our proofreaders check spelling and grammar. They follow the language rules of Taalunie and the Groene Boekje. They remove any inconsistencies from your text. They are happy to brainstorm about phrasing, content, layout and structure. It goes without saying that your wishes are central to this. You are guaranteed a text that is 100% clear.

How does Emma Handson handle confidential information?

Confidentiality is our top priority; it goes without saying that we follow the AVG guidelines and handle the information you provide confidentially. Our employees are selected for their reliability and confidentiality is agreed upon in their contract. The dictations and texts are stored in a secure environment and deleted after a couple of months. The documents are sent to you encrypted with a password.

Do I have to pay for a fixed number of hours?

No. With us, you only pay for the number of words we typed or edited for you. If you do not deliver any dictations or texts for a while, you will not receive an invoice. Our services are ideal for small scale assignments. Do you unexpectedly have more assignments? Our colleagues can easily accommodate peaks. In short: our transcribers and proofreaders are available on a flexible basis, but also for a fixed number of dictations or texts per week.

Why should I choose Emma Handson’s language experts?

Our transcribers and editors have at least a college education and each has their own area of expertise. They deliver you texts that are linguistically and grammatically accurate and clear. You are also guaranteed a safely delivered, high quality report within 24 hours. Would you rather (temporarily) have a transcriber or proofreader on location? We can arrange this for you as well.

I would like more information. How can I contact you?

You can call us at (073) 747 00 54, email us at info@emmahandson.nl or click here. We look forward to working with you.

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