Emma Handson goes English!

17 August

International companies, Dutch companies with branches abroad and companies with employees from other countries: companies are becoming more and more international. It is no wonder that English is the working language for many organisations. Emma Handson is no exception as a language specialist and we have been offering our services in English for quite some time now. To make this even more clear, our website is now also available in English.

Different language, same quality

Emma Handson is the language specialist. Many Dutch companies, (medical) specialists and pension funds, for example, already know that they can count on Emma Handson for texts in perfect Dutch. We apply the same quality standards to our English texts. Just like Dutch, English has its own nuances. That is why Emma Handson employs native English speakers. Not just any native speakers, but people who, like their Dutch colleagues, have a perfect command of the intricacies of the language.

Minutes in English

Are your meetings held in English and do you need minutes in English as well? We highly recommend hiring a professional minutes secretary who can prepare the minutes for you. As expected from Emma Handson, the minutes secretary will draft your meeting minutes in perfect English. To guarantee this, the text is always reviewed by a colleague who has an equally good command of the English language. And, did you know: even when Dutch is spoken or the languages are used interchangeably, the minutes secretary can prepare the minutes in English. Our English‑speaking minutes secretaries are native speakers, but they live in the Netherlands and speak our language well enough to be able to write a good report.

Understandable language for everyone

You want to be able to communicate to all of your customers through your annual report, and your HR documents should be understandable for all employees. That is why it is a good idea to offer such documents in two languages if you operate internationally. Our translators can translate these, or other business documents, from English to Dutch and vice versa. That way, the nuances are clear to everyone. Just like with the minutes, the translations are reviewed by a colleague, so you can count on impeccable language.

English editing

Have you already drafted documents and do you want to be sure that there are no mistakes in them? We are happy to edit these documents for you. We not only correct spelling and grammatical errors, but will also make sure that American English and British English are not used interchangeably. Further, we can check if the formatting is consistent or even take care of formatting for you. This way, your document in English will look perfect.

Personal assistant

There is a reason ‘personal assistant’ is an English term. Do you need help preparing the agenda for an international meeting or sending invitations in English? That is no problem for us! Many colleagues have an excellent command of the English language and look forward to correspondence with international contacts in English. Let us know how we can help you.

Did you know that we already work internationally in Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the Caribbean? So, whether it is English or Dutch, flawless text or an English‑speaking PA, Emma Handson is the best solution. Contact us by calling (073) 747 00 54, emailing info@emmahandson.nl or click here.

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