EHC Arbeidskundig advies & Zorgmanagement is an agency specialised in labour, income, care and facilities for personal injury victims, paid employees and independent entrepreneurs. Therefore, the occupational health experts and healthcare managers of EHC make daily inventory and progress reports on the employment status of their clients. The reports have all been edited by Emma Handson since December 2020.

“We are critical of the linguistic quality of our reports and we found in Emma Handson an equally, if not more, critical partner.”

Growing organisation

Jordy Schrok, director and owner of EHC explains why: “Our organisation is growing, which automatically increases the workload of our secretariat. We expanded our secretarial department, but despite that, the secretaries were less able to do what they are actually there for: supporting and advising our colleagues, clients and customers.”

Marcia van der Meer is a secretary at EHC and shares: “An intake report can be extensive. If we have to correct the content and language at our workplace, where we also have to answer the phone and greet clients coming to the office, it takes a lot of time and concentration. When we had to process more reports, we started looking for a structural solution. How could we reduce the workload?”

Lightening the workload

EHC found this solution naturally at Emma Handson. After all, Emma Handson has been providing occasional editing and telephone support for EHC for years. Jordy: “After an extensive period of setting up the processes to safely and responsibly share documents, amongst other things, the cooperation is going very smoothly. We are critical of the linguistic quality of our reports and found in Emma Handson an equally, if not more, critical partner.” Marcia agrees: “The people you employ are knowledgeable and meticulous. We demand the same.”

Open communication

What is so great about Emma Handson? “We can communicate openly in a friendly and clear manner,” says Marcia. “If we notice something, we get in touch by phone or e‑mail and Emma Handson knows where to find us if there are any questions. The lines are short and that makes for great cooperation.” In this way, EHC receives the reports fully edited and returned within 24 hours.

When asked whether they would recommend Emma Handson to their colleagues, Marcia and Jordy did not have to think twice. They responded with a resounding “Yes!”.

Thank you Jordy and Marcia for your trust. We will gladly edit many more reports for you!

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