Dynamis is an umbrella service organisation for 13 affiliated members specialising in brokerage and appraisals. Director Jeroen Kroondijk called on Emma Handson to ensure the continuity of his secretarial services. “I really like the personal involvement and flexibility.”

Jeroen passionately talks about Dynamis: “We are an association that provides services to our members on an exclusive basis. These services consist of two main branches: the valuation platform and the service department. The latter includes a research department for researching property development, a marketing department to support the websites, social media and events and an HR department for training and traineeships, among other things.”

I really like the personal involvement and flexibility of Emma Handson.”

Dynamis and Emma Handson

Emma Handson started because of a maternity leave of one of the secretary of Dynamis. Emma Handson took over the secretarial work within 24 hours, but with 40 hours of telephone accessibility. Jeroen: “Our secretary only wanted to work three days a week after returning from maternity leave, but we wanted to be available five days a week. So, when she went on maternity leave, Emma Handson’s task was to see if the work could be done in three days and to make sure that we could also be reached five days of the week.”

Flexible availability

Now that the maternity leave is over, Dynamis is using a hybrid model: the telephone is transferred to Emma Handson when the company secretary is not there. This saves Dynamis from needing a telephone operator. “Emma Handson makes sure we are available and that is the most important thing for me,” says Jeroen. “Sometimes only two calls a day come in. Then, I do not need a telephone operator all day, I just need someone to take those two calls and transfer them to the intended person. That is exactly what you do.”

Personal and flexible

Why did Jeroen choose Emma Handson? “In terms of the type of organisation, Emma Handson is a good match for Dynamis. For example, in terms of size. A large call centre can be a bit impersonal and I do not want that. Personal involvement is very important to me. I also really like the flexibility, for instance: if I decide I do not want support anymore, I can stop. I am not committed to a long‑term contract.”

Peace and continuity

Emma Handson offers Dynamis peace of mind and continuity. “That is very important,” Jeroen confirms. “If the secretary was ill, I used to have to go to great lengths to find someone to take meeting minutes and arrange quotes. I do not have that problem anymore. When we have a meeting, Emma Handson ensures that there is a minutes secretary. Emma Handson makes sure that I receive a good report without having to put in a lot of effort myself. Actually, it is very broad. In principle, I only use Emma Handson for the telephone service and meetings, but I know that if I call tomorrow and need something else, that can also be arranged.”


Emma Handson unburdens Dynamis and guarantees the continuity of the secretarial services within the company. Will that continue? Jeroen: “I think that we will continue using the phone services and the minute taking is going well for now. I would definitely recommend Emma Handson to colleagues who need help. It has been a positive experience.” Thank you Jeroen! We are happy to work with you.

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